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Inspection Services

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Eurofins has created a wide range of inspection services that allows customers to check the quality of their orders from order placement to shipment. Our supply chain experts will help you decide which is the most relevant and cost-effective solution for you:


Sample Pick-up at a factory

At any stage of the production, a Eurofins technician can visit factories and randomly select and pick-up samples, on demand, to be forwarded for lab testing... That could help to increase the reliability of the test, make sure that the production is compliant with the pre-production sample. This service can be easily performed during any of the inspections or on a standalone basis.


Raw Material Inspections

Especially advised if you buy raw materials, trims and accessories and work with CMT (cut, make, trim) workshops , in order to avoid improve the efficiency of materials used.


Initial Production Inspection

At the early stages of the production process, the technician will check the construction of the product against the approved sample and specifications (technical file, bill of materials etc.), in order to make sure that a factory has properly understood your expectations associated with an order.


During Production Inspection (IN, DuPro or INPA)

This takes place when 20% to 50% of merchandise has been produced. The “in-line” inspection ensures the localisation of production, gauges a product’s regulatory compliance and provides an estimation of the level of quality. The report and associated corrective action plan will help you to follow-up the correction of discrepancies with the factory.


Final Random Inspections (FI, FRI or PSI)

Product quality checks are among the most common inspections and the final random inspection is the best way to identify any discrepancy between production and specifications. It is conducted just before an order is dispatched. A quality controller goes to the factory to inspect the quality, regulatory compliance, measurements and packaging of an order.


Loading Supervision

In some specific cases such as for stock lots buyers, or during repetitive ordering of the same style/ref you may need assurances that the number and nature of pieces shipped 100% conform with your shipment documents. In addition, Eurofins technicians will check the way goods are staked in the container and seal it after loading.


Warehouse Inspection or Inspection Centre management

We can help the largest brands or retailers to set-up the widest and most comprehensive Inspection Centres. In large organisations this takes place within the logistic division of the supply chain, and customers can achieve more reliable, fast and cost-effective Final Inspections.

We invite you to contact us to help you answer your questions and be able to give you full support and service.


For further information contact our experts in Eurofins | AQM.


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