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Leather Testing and Verification Services

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Natural, durable, and versatile, leather is a widely used and popular material across many industries including fashion and footwear, accessories and luggage, and soft furnishings and interiors. However, it poses unique challenges to brands, retailers, and manufacturers in terms of quality, performance, and regulatory compliance, with risks including contamination with restricted chemicals, environmental pollution, particularly during the tanning phases, and counterfeiting. Verification testing is required before marketing products are genuine leather, and species testing may also be required to meet market access requirements. As high-value items, leather goods must also meet quality and performance standards.

There are many different types of leather, derived from different raw material sources such as cow, sheep, goat and pig, etc. which have different end uses and variable performance characteristics. To be able to manage leather as effectively as possible, a specialist leather and material expert is required.


Expert Leather Services

Our laboratory network including the Technical Competence Centre Eurofins | BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd, located in Northampton (UK), is a global leader in the management of leather as a material, and can provide detailed support and advice on the following areas:

  • Specifying of the material
  • Performance testing
  • Chemical testing
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Environmental auditing (including LWG audits)
  • Sustainability advice
  • Leather verification (genuine leather)
  • Species testing
  • DNA tracking in leather (for traceability and anticounterfeiting)
  • Vegan alternatives 

Eurofins is an expert in testing and compliance of leather goods including:

  • Men’s, women’s and children’s footwear
  • Clothing and fashion
  • Bags and luggage 
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Accessories and stationery
  • Upholstery and home textiles


Contact us for further information and to discuss your testing needs.