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Materials & Components

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The quality of components is integral to the quality of a product. Faulty or poor quality components can be the cause of product failure and recall, incur additional costs, and negatively impact the customer experience. They can also pose safety risks. Apparel and accessories brands and retailers need to carefully select all materials and components based on the end use, quality, and safety requirements of the products and adhere to specific market requirements where applicable.

Quality and compliance of raw materials are essential to ensure supply chain safety and reliability and to decrease potential quality risks during the production process.

  • Raw materials (natural and synthetic) 
  • the fibre composition of textile products: Fabric and yarns
  • Chemical, finishing and dying products


What Eurofins can offer

Our comprehensive testing and inspection service covers the entire product development cycle from raw materials to the shipping of finished goods. We can help you to ensure that every part of your product performs to the required safety and quality standards, including carrying out chemical, physical, and performance testing on the following categories of components and materials: 

  • Buttons: Plastic buttons, metal buttons, buttons of natural materials
  • Zippers: Plastic, nylon, resin and metal
  • Tags: Brand, cleaning labels and composition labels
  • Cords: String, lace, elastic, velcro and metal chains
  • Jewelry: Hotfix rhinestone, beads, silkscreens and ribbons
  • Heels, Lasts, Forms
  • Buckles and ornaments


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