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Brands, manufacturers and retailers in the footwear industry must ensure end products are safe, durable, fit-for-purpose and compliant with regulations.

Our global footwear network laboratory network includes two specific competence centres for leather and footwear as well as a number of production laboratories providing a wide range of testing and evaluation services.

Eurofins can fulfill testing needs for a wide range of footwear including:

  • Children and adult shoes
  • Casual shoes
  • Dress shoes
  • Safety shoes
  • Sandals
  • Winter boots
  • Rain boots
  • Work shoes and boots
  • Athletic and sports shoes

Our laboratories offer fault diagnosis and performance testing such as slip and skid resistance, choking hazards for children, work shoe steel toe protection, and high heel fatigue resistance, impact and attachment strength among others. Evaluating upper materials, sole materials, miscellaneous components, complete shoe and special requirements are also part of the Eurofins offering.

We also provide comprehensive chemical and analytical testing services. Chemical testing for restricted substances in footwear components is important. Common restricted substances identified include azo-­dyes, chromium VI, formaldehyde, nickel, phthalates, lead, nickel, mercury in surface coatings, etc.


Testing methods/standards covered by Eurofins include:


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