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Microbiology Testing

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Antimicrobial treatment of fabric is generally a value add property in products (such as sportswear or other high-performance garments) and these claims need to be tested.

Textiles and other materials may require antimicrobial or antifungal properties for their intended use or to offer additional benefits. Some examples are footwear materials that may have bacterial inhibiting properties to prevent odor. Other items, such as sportswear, may also comprise this property. These properties are conferred on the materials by technical finishes.


How can we help?

Eurofins offers a series of tests to check the effectiveness of these finishes through a wide range of microbiological tests in line with international, local or proper standards. We have different methods for antibacterial and antifungal evaluation:

  • Qualitative visual assessment establishing the presence of an antibacterial function. 
  • Quantitative assessment to measure the effectiveness of the antibacterial product.
  • Antifungal activity of hygienic finishes

On the other hand, microbiological contamination might be a consequence of problems at different stages within the supply chain, such as mould proliferation during storage and transportation due to inadecuate environmental conditions.

Eurofins´ service portfolio covers microbiological tests to help companies determine mould assessment and problem-solving.


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