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Technical Textiles & Safety Products

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Sports textiles, also known as Sporttex, are used mainly in the production of sportswear including sports shoes and other sports accessories.

Increasing interest in active sports and outdoor leisure activities such as flying, sailing, climbing, and cycling has led to immense growth in the consumption of textile materials in manufacturing sporting and related goods and equipment. Synthetic fibres and coatings have largely replaced traditional cotton fabrics and other natural fibres in the production of sports textiles.



Clothtech is a grouping of technical textiles for clothing applications. The technical textile products covered under Clothtech include shoelaces, interlinings, zip fasteners, elastic narrow fabrics (tapes), velcro, labels, umbrella cloth and sewing threads.  Especially in the finishing process, where the fabric is treated under pressure and high temperature, clothtech supports the smooth processing of fabrics.

Clothtech is usually comprised of a blend of PES, modal, viscose and nylon.



The main target of technical protective fabrics is to improve worker safety in the workplace. A technical protective fabric can save a worker's life and that's why they are used in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Demand for these fabrics is growing around the world thanks to the increased focus on the importance of safety at work. Organisations around the world, such as ASTM and ISO, outline the requirements and regulations that fabrics considered as technical protective fabrics must fulfill.



Textiles used in agriculture are termed as agro textiles. They are used for crop protection and fertilisation. The essential properties required of agrotextiles are strength, elongation, stiffness, bio-degradation, resistance to sunlight and resistance to toxic environment. 



Textiles which provide cosmetic and biological functions, such as a pleasant feeling, are energising, slimming, refreshing, vitalising, skin glowing, anti-aging, or conductive with body care, fitness, and health, are categorised as cosmetotextiles, and are fast becoming a preferred consumer choice.

On the basis of fabric engineering, cosmetotextiles can be classified into the following three groups.

  • Woven fabic-based cosmetotextiles
  • Knitted fabric-based cosmetotextiles
  • Nonwoven fabric-based cosmetotextiles


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