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Supply Chain Mapping

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Supply Chain Mapping

Leather supply chain mapping is a valuable business exercise which provides detailed information that helps your business fully understand leather traceability, in addition to identifying key risk areas and encouraging process efficiencies. This places your retail or manufacturing business in a position of strength when developing policy, communicating to your customers or when reporting performance.

Eurofins | BLC have developed a series of leather supply chain mapping products for the global industry which can be tailored to your business needs:


Package 1 – Comprehensive Leather Supply Chain Mapping

Eurofins | BLC can help you understand what your leather supply chain looks like and where the connections are by digitally mapping your supply chain using specialist software. The interactive geographical map identifies locations and functions within your supply chain footprint using data gathered to slaughterhouse level where possible.

A risk analysis is completed detailing the top five hotspots of activity within your leather supply chain. The risk analysis along with a report is presented to your internal stakeholders and can be used to make informed leather traceability decisions, respond to scrutiny and ensure compliance to legislation.


Supply Chain Mapping

Supply Chain Mapping

Supply Chain Mapping


Package 2 – Expert Support Package

Eurofins |BLC will apply knowledge and expertise to help you generate and get the most out of your leather supply chain data to inform your traceability. We will design and produce a tailored supply chain questionnaire for you and conduct a sense check on the data you get back using our expertise of the leather industry.

We will also conduct a risk analysis on the regions where you have a high concentration of suppliers considering issues such as environmental and social sensitivities, legislation and governance.


Package 3 – Light Touch Traceability Questionnaire

Eurofins |BLC can support you to develop a questionnaire to send to your suppliers in order to map your leather supply chain. This will be designed to ensure you get the highest rate of return possible and that you ask the right questions to map the leather supply chain. The product would include a visit to your site to understand the particular elements of your supply chain you would like to map.


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