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Apparel & Fashion Accessories

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Apparel and fashion

Eurofins has dedicated expertise in the garment and apparel, footwear and fabric industries offering total quality control and assurance services at every stage of the fashion supply chain from source to stores. We specialise in a wide selection of services for the textile industry and the different fashion-related companies including:

  • Textile – Adult, children and baby apparel, sportswear, sleepwear and underwear.
  • Fashion textile accessories - Shawls, hats, gloves, scarfs, ties…
  • Full range of footwear
  • Fur and leather goods
  • Bags and luggage
  • Belts, wallets and fashion accessories
  • Fashion ornaments - Hairpins, jewellery, accessories
  • Glasses cases
  • Others

We offer quality and safety assurance services such as testing (REACH, RSL, MRSL), inspections, audits, regulatory and compliance, sustainability and any tailored solutions responding to specific customer needs.

Our global laboratory network offers an innovative portfolio of services to the apparel, footwear and other related sectors that go above and beyond regulatory and compliance requirements. As an official contributor of the ZDHC program (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), Eurofins supports ZDHC’s vision of achieving widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in these industries to protect consumers, workers and the environment. ZDHC is a major body that is leading the textile, leather and footwear industries to advance towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.


We have significant experience in dealing with:


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