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Fault Diagnosis

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Fault Diagnosis

During the manufacturing and shipping process, problems can arise which may have a significant financial impact upon manufacturers, brands and retailers in addition to potential damage to brand reputation. Therefore, it is important to understand the origins of quality, manufacturing and materials problems and to implement a preventative solution.

Technical and fault diagnosis expertise coupled with an experienced team can help companies determine the cause of quality issues in a range of materials including, textiles, leather, plastics, rubber, metals and composite materials.


Our portfolio of fault diagnosis services covers

  • Unusual smells and odours
  • Colour and dying issues (colour change, migration)
  • Cause and prevention of mould
  • Cracked finishes (leather, PU and synthetics)
  • Product failure analysis (structural, material and chemical)
  • Leather problems and defects
  • Footwear failures and defects
  • Metallic faults (hardware, jewellery and components)
  • Upholstery faults (both textile and leather)
  • Problems with composite materials


The Fault Diagnosis Process

  • Contact us with information on your product fault
  • One of our fault diagnosis experts at our Technical Competence Centres will get in touch to discuss your product fault in more detail
  • A sample will be required by our laboratory for further examination and fault investigation
  • Upon completion of the investigation, the client will receive a report detailing the findings and potential corrective action

Please be advised that turnaround time for fault diagnosis services is dependent on the complexity of the issue.

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