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Technical Competence Centre - Northampton

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Northampton - Uk

Northampton, UK

Technical Competence Centre

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Northampton - UK

Eurofins | BLC is a world leading technology centre and testing laboratory based in Northampton, United Kingdom. Established over 95 years ago, Eurofins | BLC provides a complete range of supply chain services to the leather industry, covering all areas from raw material through to finished product.



Address: Kings Park Road, Moulton Park Northampton, NN3 6JD, United Kingdom

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Service Scope

service scope
  • Chemical Testing (RSL)
  • Chemical Compliance Testing (USA, EU, China regulations)
  • Chemical Management: MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List) testing in accordance with ZDHC MRSL or customer specific MRSLs.
  • Physical Testing (Performance)
  • Consulting and Auditing
  • Sustainability Services: Supply mapping, Microplastic testing to detect microfibre release from synthetic materials.
  • Research and Innovation: DNA traceability technology for the leather supply chain.
  • Fault Diagnosis and Problem Solving
  • Chemical, Leather and Footwear Courses and Training

Fields of Focus

Fields of Focus

Eurofins | BLC works closely with brands, retailers, product manufacturers and tanneries in many countries around the world. With a wealth of technical capability and expert knowledge Eurofins | BLC is a laboratory dedicated to leather, footwear, chemical, and leather product testing, providing an integrated suite of services to support the supply chain.



United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) 0076

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 1049

ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement with UKAS

Leather Working Group (LWG) approved Auditors to audit against the LWG Environmental Audit Protocol


Eurofins laboratories are accredited by different national and international organisations ensuring competence in testing, certification, inspection and calibration. For a comprehensive list of accreditations and scopes of our lab network.