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Labelling and Marking

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Labelling and marking is part of the process to develop and introduce a product to the market.

The labelling and marking of a product is communication between the person responsible for the product and the final consumer and authorities, acknowledging that the product is safe and compliant with the legislation of the relevant country. Labelling and marking provide other relevant information such as the composition, origin, quality and care of a product.

The lack of minimum requirements or bad labeling or marking can result in serious problems like the seizing of goods in customs, in cases where they are being imported, or the withdrawal of a product in a market. These problems can lead to loss of goods, relabelling of a product or even economic penalties, which results in an increase in costs.

Eurofins understands the importance of labelling and marking in the development of a product and, through its network of laboratories, can provide the following services worldwide:

  • Labels and markings consultancy
  • Labels and markings review (in the draft and final artwork)


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