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Chem-MAP® chemical management systems for the entire supply chain

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Chem-MAP® is a suite of ZDHC approved chemical management and verification systems which define procedures for the elimination of hazardous chemicals from entering the leather, textile and synthetic materials supply chains. Chem-MAP® offers a multi programme approach aimed at developing excellent standards in responsible chemical management across the whole supply chain.

Chem-MAP® Programmes

Chem-MAP® is split into three programmes:

  • c-MAP Programme for Chemical Manufacturers
  • m-MAP Programme for Manufacturers of Materials & Products
  • b-MAP Programme for Brands & Retailers

In addition, Chem-MAP® provides a growing range of standalone chemical verification services for the MRSL testing of chemicals and vegan certification of chemicals.

Chem-MAP® Programmes


b-MAP Programme for Brands and Retailers

Brands and retailers of leather, textile and synthetic products are provided with the necessary structure and tools to develop and implement responsible chemical management within their material supply chains by engaging with the b-MAP programme.

b-MAP helps brands and retailers work towards ZDHC goals and objectives to achieve a b-MAP Score, ranging from ‘Engaged’ to ‘Leader’, which can then be communicated to stakeholders and customers.

b-MAP provides a flexible approach to capacity building for responsible chemical management and ultimately positions brands and retailers to implement robust chemical strategies within their material supply chains.

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m-MAP Programme for Manufacturers of Materials & Products
Leather, textiles and synthetics manufacturers can achieve Chem-MAP® awards for both the facility and staff through m-MAP. The application of m-MAP tools will also support the implementation of a chemical management system (CMS) at a facility level.

Chem-MAP® Approved Manufacturer (CAM) provides the building blocks of a best practice system based on a thorough chemical management audit, that deals with all areas of chemical management including:

  • Procurement practices
  • Supplier management
  • Storage and use
  • Disposal
  • Air emissions
  • Effluent treatment

Chem-MAP® Approved Technician (CAT) provides structured e-learning training modules and awards for technical staff ranging from Level 1 to Level 2 and includes topics such as:

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Restricted Substances (both RSL & MRSL)
  • Chemical Inventory Log (CIL)
  • Storage & waste management
  • Handling, health & safety

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c-MAP Programme for Chemical Manufacturers
For suppliers of chemicals, the c-MAP programme offers third party verification to both level 1 and level 3 ZDHC conformance, which includes:

  • Full analytical MRSL testing to the ZDHC MRSL to provide ZDHC level 1 verification
  • MRSL testing of raw materials to provide ZDHC level 3 verification
  • On-site audit of the chemical manufacturer*

A graded Chem-MAP® Multi-site Award can be achieved upon the successful completion two or more chemical management audits, ranging from ‘Engaged’ status to ‘Leader’.

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Chem-MAP® Verification Services


MRSL Testing of Chemicals

Chem-MAP® offers MRSL testing through a number of packages, helping to reduce RSL failures for the long term in your supply chain:

  • Package 1: Complete MRSL Testing of Chemical Formulations (full ZDHC MRSL)
  • Package 2: Smart Testing of Chemical Formulations (smart testing to the ZDHC MRSL)
  • Package 3: MRSL Testing of Individual Analytes or Chemical Groups
  • Package 4: MRSL Testing to Customer Specifications

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Ve-MAP Vegan Certification of Chemicals for Materials

Veganism has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years and is now a hot topic for consumers. Through Ve-MAP, your business can provide independent third-party assurance to identify whether any animal products or by-products have been used in the manufacture of chemicals.

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Chem-MAP® is a series of chemical management and verification systems that support the development and implementation of robust chemical management systems in brands, retailers, manufacturers and chemical companies.

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