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Power Tools and Garden Tools for Domestic or Professional Use

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Power & Garden Tool Regulatory Compliance Services

Professional & Domestic Tool Market Access & Supply Chain Quality Assurance

Power tool and garden tools for domestic and professional use is a category of consumer products whose safety and compliance is strictly controlled by manufacturers, brand owners and retailers.  

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing and Electrical and Electronics (E&E) laboratories offer quality assurance and quality control for every step in the garden tool and power tool design, manufacturing and retail supply chain. Our unique combination of expertise, experience and global locations allows our teams to provide professional, tailor-made end-to-end solutions.

Product ranges we serve include

Product ranges we provide testing and certification services for include:

  • Hand-held power tools, cordless power tools
    • Drill / impact drill
    • Electric screwdrivers & impact wrenches
    • Angle grinders & polishers & sanders
    • Band & reciprocating saws
    • Hammers, shears & nibblers
    • planers & jointers
  • Transportable power tools
    • Table, mitre & circular saws
    • Bench and cutting-off grinders
  • Electric Garden tools
    • Hedge & lawn trimmers
    • Garden blowers
    • Electrical scissors type grass shears

Power Tool & Garden Tool Testing Services

Compliance and performance testing services* **

We offer testing for compliance with a wide range of applicable international standards and regulations and their regional equivalents including, but not limited to:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • CISPR 14-1/EN 55014-1; EMC requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus. Emissions
    • CISPR 14-2/EN 55014-2; EMC requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus. Immunity
    • IEC/EN 61000-3-2; harmonic current emissions
    • IEC/EN 61000-3-3; Fluctuations and Flickers
  • Electrical safety
    • IEC/EN 60745-1; handheld motor-operated electric tools
    • IEC/EN 60745-2-X; please enquire for a full list of capabilities
      • IEC/EN 60745-2-1; drills and impact drills
      • IEC/EN 60745-2-2; screwdrivers and impact wrenches
      • IEC/EN 60745-2-3; grinders, polishers and disk-type sanders
      • IEC/EN 60745-2-5; circular saws
      • IEC/EN 60745-2-15; hedge trimmers
      • IEC/EN 60745-2-17; routers and trimmers
    • IEC/EN 62841-X; please enquire for a full list of capabilities for electric motor operated hand-held equipment
      • IEC/EN 62841-2-X
      • IEC/EN 62841-3-X
    • EN 50338; pedestrian-controlled battery powered electrical lawn mowers
    • EN 50636-2-91; walk-behind and hand-held lawn trimmers and lawn edge trimmers
    • EN 60745-2-17; routers and trimmers
    • UL 1602; gasoline engine powered, rigid cutting member edges and edge trimmers
    • ISO 11681; portable chain saws
  • Acoustic emissions
  • Environmental simulation
  • Radio & Wireless
  • Explosive area; IECEx, HazLoc, ATEX
  • Energy Efficiency
    • EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC 
    • Energy labelling Directive (EU) 2017/1369; (EU) No. 518/2014
    • EU regulation (EC) 1275/2008, (EU) No. 801/2013 for power consumption limits
  • Chemical
    • REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
    • Annex XVII Restricted Substances
    • SVHC
    • Chemical Safety Assessment approach by HENZ Software
    • RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU on Restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
    • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) for GS-Mark approval
  • Battery & charger testing
  • Performance & fitness for use
  • Benchmarking & reliability
  • Failure analysis

*Where IEC standards are referred to, national and regional variations are also applicable including, but not limited to; ANSI/AAMI, UL, ISO, CAN/CSA, JIS, EN, ENV, BS EN, DD ENV and BS IEC.

**The regulations and standards above are not a full list of those within our capabilities; please enquire on a case by case basis.

Quality Assurance and Global Market Access

Notified body, certifications and approvals services

We operate as number of applicable European Notified Bodies:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC; No. 0681 in Germany, No. 0477 in Italy, No. 1258 in Switzerland and No. 0537 in Finland
  • Outdoor noise directive 2000/14/EC; Notified Body no. 0477 in Italy
  • Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU; No. 0681 Germany, No. 0477 in Italy
  • ATEX directive 2014/34/EU; No. 0477 in Italy, No. 0537 in Finland, No. 1258 in Switzerland and No. 2776 in the Netherlands.
  • EMC directive; No. 0477 in Italy

CB Scheme; a number of our E&E laboratories operate as CB scheme certification bodies and CBTLs for accessing a global markets in a cost and time effective manner. 

US & Canada; Eurofins MET laboratories is an NRTL and SCC certification body, enabling us to certify products to access the US and Canadian markets, respectively.

View our longer, non-exhaustive list of certifications and approvals or contact your local E&E laboratory for more details.

Documentation review & protocol development services

Our expert services teams offer a full range of documentation reviews and development services for product development and manufacturing operations:

  • Documentary and regulatory
    • Technical sheets generation; compilation of regulations and markings requirements applicable per product/market
    • Markings review; label, artwork, instruction manual review according to legislations and destination markets
    • Assistance on documentary review and set up of technical dossiers; Technical compliance file (TCF)
  • Operations
    • Protocol ad-hoc development according to customer´s request and expected/intended use of the product
    • Test plan/protocol generation, and evaluation of technical specifications to define Quality Control plans
    • Test plan generation to assess performance and fitness for use
    • Bench-marking assessment

Quality assurance and quality control services

Our teams of experts offer a range of services to help you ensure appropriate levels of quality assurance and quality control for compliance with regulator and customer-defined requirements, including:

  • Manufacturing batch testing / routine and unannounced spot-checks
  • Test plan and protocol generation; evaluation of technical specifications to define Quality Control plans focusing on critical points
  • Construction Check
  • Technical Compliance File (TCF); review of technical file according to applicable regulations and standards
  • Labelling and markings review
  • Audits; technical, social and customised
  • Inspections; factory inspection services (DUPRO, FRI, IPC); loading-unloading supervision; sample picking

Global market access

We offer bespoke solutions to enable you to access the global markets of your choice utilising our global network of accreditation and certification capabilities.


Contact your local E&E laboratory to access all of our regulatory compliance solutions, quality assurance & quality control services for garden and power tool for domestic or professional use, through a single point of contact.