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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Testing

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Limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Exposure to electromagnetic fields can have an adverse effect on health which has led to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, National and International regulations controlling the limits of EMF.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) arise from electrical and electric (E&E) equipment. The purpose of electromagnetic field (EMF) testing and assessments is to control the EMF levels to which people are exposed to be within safe limits.

Different regulatory limits exist for occupational health and general public exposure with the result that and both electronic products and work-spaces have to be compliant with local regulations. These include product-based and environmental EMF compliance requirements.

Product / equipment EMF testing

Product-based EMF requirements are legislated for by harmonised standards and Directives. Examples include Electromagnetic Fields testing and assessments required under the European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU for items including (but not limited to) household appliances (IEC/EN 62233), lighting and luminaires (IEC/EN 62493).

Our global network of E&E laboratories offers EMF testing for compliance with global standards and directives as an integral part of our global market access testing, inspection and certifications services.

Workspaces, plants & built environment EMF site surveys

In Europe, workspaces, plants and built environments levels of Electromagnetic fields are controlled by the European EMF Directive 2013/35/EU and national Health and Safety at Work regulations. Some environments such as rail and military applications have specific requirements.

In the UK the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU is transposed into UK law by The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations SI 2016 No 588.

We also offer EMF services for US, Canadian and Asian requirements.

Our global network of E&E laboratories offers EMF site-surveys using calibrated equipment and trained EMF engineers to assess the levels of EMF for comparison against the legal limits set down by the regulations. Where the test results exceed the allowed limits we work with you to help you mitigate human exposure to be within the legal levels.

Sites particularly at risk include environments where high currents are involved or where there is equipment that uses radio frequency (RF) equipment.

Examples of higher risk locations

  • Foundries
  • Power plants
  • Factories
  • Bakeries
  • Production lines
  • Substations

Vulnerable persons

Particular care needs to be taken where vulnerable users are involved. For example:

  • People with pacemakers
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly persons
  • Children


Contact your local Eurofins E&E Laboratory to find out how we can help you limit EMF exposure.

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