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Lighting & Luminaire Compliance

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Customised Test, Certification and Quality Assurance Lighting Compliance Services

Eurofins Electrical & Electronics (E&E) and Digital Testing Laboratories offer lighting, luminaire, dimmers and controllers compliance solutions for accessing your chosen global markets.

Lighting products ranges we serve include:

  • Fixed luminaires & portable luminaires
  • Nightlights
  • Hand lamps
  • Compact fluorescent lamps
  • Recessed/integral luminaires and LEDs
  • Lighting chains
  • LED Drivers
  • Signal lighting
  • Lamp holder
  • Energy-saving lamp
  • Smart-home lighting products
  • Sub-components & controllers
  • LED modules & LED tubes

Lighting & Luminaire Testing Services

Lighting compliance and performance testing* **

We offer a comprehensive suite of compliance testing services for lighting and luminares ranging from eco-design regulations through to bespoke client-requirements. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    • CISPR 15/EN 55015; radio disturbance of electrical lighting and similar equipment
    • IEC/EN 61547; immunity requirements
    • IEC/EN 61000-3-2; harmonic current emissions
    • IEC/EN 61000-3-3; fluctuations and flickers
  • Electrical safety
    • IEC/EN 60598 series; luminaires
    • IEC/EN 62560; self-ballasted LED lamps
    • IEC/EN 61347 series; lamp control gear
    • IEC/EN 60968; self-ballast fluorescent lamps
    • IEC/EN 62031; LED modules for general lighting
    • IEC/EN 62471; photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems
    • IEC/TR 62471-2; photobiological safety, non-laser optical radiation safety
    • IEC/EN 62776; double-capped LED lamps designed to retrofit linear fluorescent lamps
    • IEC/TR 62778; assessment of blue light hazard to light sources and luminaires
    • UL 1598, UL 588, UL 153, UL 935, UL 1993, UL 8750; for a full list of UL and CSA standards we can test to view Eurofins MET labs capabilities.
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
    • IEC/EN 62493; human exposure to electromagnetic fields; assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to EMFs
  • Radio & wireless testing and certification services
  • Environmental simulation testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy labelling Directive (EU) 2017/1369; (EU) No. 518/2014; (EU) No. 874/2012
    • EU regulation (EC) 1275/2008, (EU) No. 801/2013 for power consumption limits
    • EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC; (EC) No. 244/2009; (EC) No. 859/2009, (EU) 2015/1428, (EU) No. 245/2009, EU No. 347/2010, (EU), 2015/1248, (EU) No. 1194/2012, (EU) 2015/1428
  • Chemical testing
  • Digital testing solutions
    • Functional testing of components or complete systems
    • Compatibility verification including smartphones and tablets
    • Inter-operability testing
    • Performance & stability
  • Performance and fit-for-use
    • Life time tests, endurance & suitability for intended use
    • Photometric measurement & lumen maintenance
    • Switching performance, start-up and run-up
    • Temperature dependency
    • Performance tests including an approval mark for consumer products (Quality Label)

*Where IEC standards are referred to, national and regional variations are also applicable including, but not limited to; ANSI/AAMI, UL, ISO, CAN/CSA, JIS, EN, ENV, BS EN, DD ENV and BS IEC.

**The regulations and standards above are not a full list of those within our capabilities; please enquire on a case by case basis.

Lighting Quality Assurance and Global Market Access

Document review and protocol development services

Our expert services teams offer a full range of document reviews and development services for product development and manufacturing operations:

  • Documentary and regulatory
    • Technical sheets generation; compilation of regulations and markings requirements applicable per product/market
    • Assistance on documentary review and set up of technical dossiers; Technical Compliance File (TCF)
    • Markings review; label, artwork, instruction manual review according to legislations and destination markets
  • Operations
    • Protocol ad-hoc development according to customer´s request and expected/intended use of the product
    • Test plan/protocol generation, and evaluation of technical specifications to define Quality Control plans
    • Test plan generation to assess performance and fitness for use
    • Bench-marking assessment

Quality assurance and quality control services

Our teams of experts offer a range of services to help you ensure appropriate levels of quality assurance and quality control for compliance with regulator and customer-defined requirements, including:

  • Manufacturing batch testing / routine and unannounced spot-checks
  • Test plan and protocol generation; evaluation of technical specifications to define Quality Control plans focusing on critical points
  • Construction Check
  • Technical Compliance File (TCF); review of technical file according to applicable regulations and standards
  • Labelling and markings review
  • Audits; technical, social and customised
  • Inspections; factory inspection services (DUPRO, FRI, IPC); Loading-unloading supervision; Sample picking

Certifications and approvals

A number of our E&E laboratories operate as IECEE CB scheme certification bodies and CBTLs for accessing a global markets in a cost and time effective manner. Eurofins MET laboratories is an NRTL and SCC certification body, enabling us to certify products to access the US and Canadian markets, respectively.

For European Markets we also operate as notified bodies for the EMC Directive and Radio Equipment Directive. For lighting going into special environments, we also operate as Notified Bodies for the ATEX Directive, Medical Device Directive and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive and ENEC for safe products in Europe.

View our longer, non-exhaustive list of certifications and approvals or contact your local E&E laboratory for more details.

Global market access

We offer bespoke testing and certification solutions to enable you to access the global markets of your choice.

Smart home

We offer a range of electrical & electronic testing, digital testing and cyber security services for devices, controllers, computer firmware and software applications for luminaires, their monitoring and automation in a smart home environment.

Lighting Product Expert Services & Training

Our Global locations' teams of regulatory compliance experts offer a full range of bespoke services and training solutions to enable manufacturers, brand owners and retailers to achieve, ensure and maintain compliance in the most cost and time effective manner.

Training services range from free-in-house awareness courses through to full 5-day fundamentals of EMC training for consumer goods.

Expert & regulatory services include, but are not limited to, compliance checks, gap analyses, technical documentation review and preparation, design guidance and market access.


For more information on how we can help your lighting and luminaire needs, please contact your local E&E laboratory.

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