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Performance & Fitness For Use

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  • Benchmarking products to markets
  • Benchmark
    • Endurance / Obsolescence
    • Energy Efficiency
      • Energy Star
      • EcoDesign and Energy Labelling
    • Fitness for Use (FFU)
    • Labels & Claims on the Artwork


Benchmarking products to markets

Beyond compliance testing and certification, it is important for brand owners and retailers to benchmark the product’s performance to specific markets:

  • sometimes forced by regulations
  • every so often also following voluntary schemes




Benchmark to pre-defined cycles of use, load tests (electrical, mechanical…) simulating the product’s lifetime in normal conditions of use.

Energy Efficiency

According to regulations and/or schemes on Energy Related Products (ErP) such as Appliances, IT equipment, Audio/Video, Lighting…

Energy Star

  • Initiated by the US Environment Protection Agency in 1992
  • Implemented in Europe in 2001 (EU Directive 2012/27/EU)
  • Applies to office equipment

EcoDesign and Energy Labelling

Directives published in 2009 and 2010, expressing the Commission’s commitment towards energy efficiency.

Fitness for Use

  • Suitability for the intended use
  • Functionality check against Instruction Manual and reliability
  • Ergonomics – Handling and manoeuvrability
  • User-friendly functionalities

Labels & Claims on the Artwork

  • Testing the Claims’ evidence
  • Label check