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Eurofins Notified Bodies for CE Marking

Your industry, our focus

Several laboratories within Eurofins Group operate as notified bodies for CE marking of a wide range of products covering the safety of consumer and industrial markets

Products ranges include (but not limited to), medical devices, construction products, personal protective devices, aspects of machinery safety, toys, lifts, products going into explosive atmospheres.

Our Notified Bodies include:

  • Eurofins Product Testing Italy Srl (Italy); NB No. 0477 
  • Eurofins Product Testing Services Ltd (UK); NB No. 0355
  • Eurofins York Ltd (UK); NB No. 2636
  • Eurofins E&E Hursley Limited (UK); NB No. 2635
  • Eurofins Product Testing A/S (Denmark); NB No. 2657 
  • Eurofins Product Service GmbH (Germany); NB No. 0681
  • Eurofins Electric & Electronics Product Testing AG (Switzerland); NB No. 1258 
  • Eurofins MET Laboratories, Inc. (US); NB No. 0980
  • Eurofins Expert Services Oy (Finland); NB No. 0537 and 0809
  • Eurofins CML Limited (UK); NB No. 2503
  • CML B.V. (Netherlands); NB No. 2776
  • Eurofins Modulo Uno Srl (Italy); NB No. 0303
  • Eurofins ATS (France) NB No. 2817

For more information, a complete list of our Notified Bodies and for what areas they are approved for please see below and visit the NANDO database.

Contact your local Eurofins Laboratory to access all of our Notified Body and CE marking Services.

Eurofins Certification Bodies are Notified Bodies under the following Directives & Regulations


Contact your local Eurofins Laboratory to access all of our Notified Body Services through a single point of contact.

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