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SEV Mark

Your industry, our focus

The Eurofins Electric & Electronics Product Testing AG Certificate allows you to mark your products with the SEV Mark of Conformity

This marking gives visible guarantee for Authorities, Customs and Consumers that the products have been evaluated by a certification body, conducting all tests according to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and optional also to the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC). The production is subject to continual surveillance.

Eurofins Electric & Electronics Product Testing AG provides product certification for the following sectors or product groups:

  • Electrical Household appliances
  • Industrial equipment, tools
  • Laboratory equipment
  • IT and entertainment electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Lighting
  • Electric installation materials
  • Cables


  • Possessing a Swiss Mark of Conformity, which is internationally recognized
  • Quick and easy access into the European market
  • Reduction of conformity check costs during the production
  • Conformity to the European Directives
  • Provides a means of proof in the event of product liability related to type test claims.

To obtain the Eurofins Electric & Electronics Product Testing AG Certificate you have to demonstrate that the product has been tested and has fulfilled all requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). The Certificate allows you also the possibility to integrate the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC).

Our experts can assist you and carry out all required tests directly in our accredited and recognized laboratories. The factory inspection is carried out by our Inspection Body or designated partner in your country to ensure ongoing product compliance.

To access our SEV Mark services, please contact your local Eurofins Electrical & Electronics (E&E) laboratory.

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