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IECEE CB Scheme third party certification

The IECEE is a system for mutual recognition of certificates of conformity recognised globally, providing manufacturers with a tool for reducing the delays and costs associated with multiple compliance testing.

The IECEE international Certification Body Scheme (CB Scheme) test certificates and reports are accepted in over 50 countries, allowing products to be tested certified only once in order to be accepted onto a variety of global markets without the need for further product assessment.

The operating units of the IECEE are the National Certification Bodies (NCBs) which in turn employ testing laboratories, known as CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs). Eurofins operates under the IECEE CB Scheme for electrical safety and Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Eurofins NCBs

  • DE: Eurofins Product Service GmbH (Germany)
  • CH: Eurofins Electric & Electronic Product Testing AG (Switzerland)
  • US: Eurofins MET Laboratories, Inc. (US)

Eurofins CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs)


  • Eurofins Product Service GmbH


  • Eurofins Electric & Electronic Product Testing AG, Lab Fehraltorf
  • Eurofins Electric & Electronic Product Testing AG, Lab Rossens
  • Eurofins Electric & Electronic Product Testing AG, Lab Zürich
  • Eurofins Electric & Electronic Product Testing AG, Lab Rorschach


  • Eurofins York Ltd.


  • Eurofins MET Laboratories Inc. - Baltimore
  • Eurofins MET Laboratories, Inc. - Austin
  • Eurofins MET Laboratories, Inc. - Union City


  • Eurofins Product Testing Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


  • Eurofins MET Laboratories, Ltd - Gyeonggi-do


  • Eurofins Product Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd


Find out more about electrical safety testing, or access our IECEE-CB Scheme services by contacting your local Eurofins Electrical and Electronics (E&E) laboratory.

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