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ENEC for safe products in Europe

ENEC is the high quality European mark for electrical products that demonstrates compliance with European safety standards.

Quality conscious manufacturers and distributors show with the ENEC mark that they are offering tested and third party monitored products. The application of the ENEC mark to an electrical product ensures that it complies with the relevant European safety standards and has to be accepted by all member states. Surveillance of product and production provides safety assurance for the lifetime of the ENEC certification. It offers the certificate holder various benefits:

  • Suitable for products including (but not limited to) household appliances, electronic equipment and lighting
  • Compliance with the EU low-voltage-directive
  • Reduced licence costs
  • Evidence in case of product liability claims

To obtaining an ENEC certificate, testing and certification is performed according to European standards and product manufacturing is monitored by our accredited inspection division or an equivalent partner organisation for foreign production facilities to ensure ongoing product compliance.

To access our ENEC services, contact your local Eurofins Electrical & Electronics (E&E) laboratory. 

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