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CCA (CENELEC Certification Agreement)

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Avoid unnecessary duplicate testing through the CAA

Established in 1973, CENELEC has been highly successful in providing manufacturers faster access to European national Certification Marks through the CENELEC Certification Agreement (CAA).

The CAA is the oldest mutual recognition agreement (MRA) for a wide variety of electrical products in Europe falling within the scope of the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU. Products covered include; household appliances, electronic appliances, luminaires and installation material.

Using the CAA allows a manufacturer who has obtained one of the European national Marks to apply for any one of the other national Marks on presentation of a Notification of Test Results (NTR). The conversion into other national certification marks by European Certification Bodies through this route helps to avoids unnecessary repetition of testing; saving time and money.

Eurofins Electrical and Electronics (E&E) has CCA Certification Bodies offering testing, inspection and certification services to enable manufacturers to access markets through this CAA MRA. 

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