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Submit a Project

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Applications open online until 1st of September 2019


1. The project aligns with the objectives of the Foundation;
2. The project must clearly describe the needs it addresses;
3. The requested funding represents a maximum of 50% of the total costs of the project, including staff costs if applicable;
4. An evaluation of the project's effectiveness is requested.

1. Projects which do not align with the Foundation's objectives;
2. Commercial sponsorship requests;
3. Projects previously submitted;
4. Projects/ charities directly affiliated with any political or religious organisation or actively promoting any particular faith or ideology.
5. Incomplete submissions.

1. The project is realistic and coherent with Eurofins Foundation's objectives;
2. The project methodology is appropriate;
3. The funding, excluding the Foundation's support, is secured;
4. The project has a sustainable approach.


All applications will be reviewed to make sure they are complete and aligned with the Foundation’s objectives. It could be that the Foundation team asks for additional information.

The valid applications will then be reviewed by the Eurofins Foundation Steering Committee which will select the proposals according to the objectives of the Foundation, its areas of concern and the overall impact of the proposed action.

The selected beneficiaries will be notified between September and November 2019.

The Foundation anticipates a short reporting (70-200 words) on the use of the allocated funds at the end of the project. A reporting template will be provided in due time to all beneficiaries.

Any foreseen delays in the project should be proactively notified to Eurofins Foundation.

A confirmation of receipt will be provided when the application has been received. Feedback will be provided via e-mail after the application has been reviewed by the Steering Committee.

Donations can be split among several projects while remaining impactful and meaningful for the organisations or students/ researchers that receive the donations.