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Maritime Assemblies & Marine Equipment

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Maritime Testing & Certification Services

Recreational, Commercial and Civil Marine Compliance 

Eurofins Product Testing provides marine-related compliance services to the maritime industry through our global network of accredited laboratories.

Product categories in our service scope include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical and electronic (E&E) marine equipment, components and sub-components
  • Maritime assemblies
  • Marine equipment
  • Lightweight structures
  • Materials components in ships
  • Textiles used on ships
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Life saving appliances
  • Recreational crafts, personal watercraft and workboats
  • Military marine vessels

We operate as Notified Bodies for the European Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU (No. 0809, Finland) and European Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft Directive 2013/53/EU (No. 0537, Finland).

Testing & Certification Services

Compliance testing services

Laboratory-based and on-site testing and surveys we offer for Marine equipment and assemblies includes, but is not limited to:

View our complete set of electrical & electronic commercial & industrial testing capabilities.

Accessing global markets; certifications and approvals

We offer a variety of certification and approvals services to enable maritime equipment and assemblies to be compliant with national and international regulations and directives including, but not limited to:

  • European Notified Body (NB) Services
    • 2014/90/EU Marine equipment Directive; NB No. 0809 in Finland
    • 2013/53/EU Recreational craft and personal watercraft directive; NB No. 0537 in Finland
    • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive; NB No. 0477 in Italy, No. 0537 in Finland, No. 0681 in Germany & No. 1258 in Switzerland
    • 2014/35/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive; NB No. 0477 in Italy, No. 2635 & 2636 in the UK.
    • 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED); NB No. 0477 in Italy & No. 0681 in Germany
  • Eurofins MET NRTL & SCC certification body services for accessing the US and Canada
  • FCC TCB services for USA and ISED CB services for Canada for radio and wireless approvals
  • IECEE Schemes for global market access
  • Independent Safety Assessments ISA for Safety Critical Hardware, Software, Functions and Systems IEC 61508

We offer bespoke global market access services tailored to your choice of markets.

View our longer, non-exhaustive list of certifications and approvals, or contact your local E&E laboratory for more information. 

Expert Services and Training

Our global teams of compliance experts are on-hand to help you where you need additional regulatory services or training.


For more information and to access all of our services through a single point, contact your local Eurofins Electrical & Electronics (E&E) laboratory.