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Pressure Equipment

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Inspection & Certification Services for Pressure Equipment

Eurofins is a Notified Body for pressure equipment and transportable pressure equipment.

2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

We operate as Notified Body No. 0477 in Italy for the PED 2014/68/EU offering inspection and certification services for pressure equipment.

The PED establishes the design and manufacturing criteria, and the conformity assessment procedures for pressure equipment and assemblies whose maximum allowable pressure (PS) is greater than 0.5 bar. The directive requires compliance with the essential safety requirements to which the manufacturer must standardize the products and the production process.

The manufacturer has the obligation to evaluate and reduce the risks associated with products placed on the market and the application of the Directive guarantees the free circulation of pressure equipment on the European market. The manufacturer chooses the certification procedure according to the production methods, the possible implementation of a quality management system and the equipment category.

Before placing the equipment on the market, the manufacturer must affix the CE marking on each product and, if applicable, the number identifying the Notified Body which assessed its conformity.

Category I equipment; the manufacturer is solely responsible for the conformity evaluation procedure.

Category II, III and IV equipment:

  • For such equipment the manufacturer must lodge an application for assessment with a Notified Body in order to inspect and verify all activities which are related to the compliance and safety requirements provided by the directive
  • The notified body's tasks may consist of
    • Type examination or design examination approvals
    • Approval of the quality management system
    • Final product verification
    • The qualification of welding procedures and welders
    • The qualification of non-destructive testing personnel

2010/35/EU Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED)

We operate as Notified Body No. 0303 in Italy for the TPED 2010/35/EU offering inspection and certification services for transportable pressure equipment.

The TPED Directive 2010/35/EU establishes the rules and procedures to be followed for the commissioning and certification of transportable pressure equipment on the road (in accordance with ADR), by rail (RID) and by inland waterways (ADN).

Associated cylinders, cylinder packs, hoses, cryogenic vessels, tanks, battery vehicles / wagons, multi-element gas containers (MEGC), their taps and other accessories all fall within the scope of TPED.

All such equipment must bear a specific marking, indicated with the symbol π (pi), mandatory for commissioning and marketing within the European Union.

Our TPED Notified Body is authorised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to carry out all certification and inspection activities on all transportable pressure equipment and related accessories provided for in directives 2008/68/EC and 2010/35/EU and subsequent amendments.

We are also authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, on the basis of the Ministerial Decree 27/04/2006, to carry out the internal examination of the tanks intended for the transport of dangerous Class 2 ADR goods that do not fall within the scope of the TPED directive.


For more information contact your local Eurofins E&E laboratory or our pressure equipment Notified Body in Italy.

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