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ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU Ex Products & Standards

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ATEX Example Products, Tests and Standards

Explosive atmospheres scenario

Specific tests are required on equipment and protective systems intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The European ATEX directive 2014/34/EU came into force in 2016. This Directive applies to products, as specified below, intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Products not in conformity with the requirements of the current ATEX Directive CE and Ex Mark are forbidden to be placed into the market.

  • Components, as any item essential to the safe functioning of equipment and protective systems but with no autonomous function; on these components the CE mark is forbidden, but a written attestation of conformity must be provided for each component to place it on the market;
  • Protections systems, different by components, separately placed on the market, intended to halt incipient explosions;
  • Safety devices, controlling devices and regulating devices intended for use outside potentially explosive atmospheres but required for or contributing to the safe functioning of equipment and protective systems with respect to the risks of explosion.

Ex Product examples

Tests performed on the following range of products for compliance with the ATEX Directive:

  • Oil immersed devices "o"
  • Pressurised enclosures "p"
  • Powder filling enclosures "q"
  • Flameproof enclosures "d"
  • Electrical devices with "n" protection mode (cat. 3)
  • Intrinsic safety equipment "i" e "iD"
  • Encapsulated equipment "m" e "mD"
  • Tight dust enclosures "tD"
  • Flow restricted enclosures "fr"
  • Equipment protected by constructional safety "c"
  • Equipment protected by liquid immersion "k"
  • Explosion venting devices
  • Flame arresters
  • Electrostatic spray guns
  • Endothermic engines

ATEX tests

  • Dust explosive behaviour
  • Impact and drop tests
  • Tests for degrees of protection (IP)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Thermal endurance to heat and cold for material
  • Resistance to light
  • Thermal shock test
  • Small components ignition tests
  • Torque tests for bushings
  • Earth continuity
  • Surface resistance test of non metallic parts of enclosures
  • Charging test and measurement of capacitance of non metallic parts of enclosures-
  • Tests on cables and cable glands
  • Pressure tests for "o", "p", "q" modes of protection
  • Explosion test for flameproof enclosures "d", vents and flame arresters
  • Spark-test apparatus for intrinsic safety devices "i"
  • Comparative tracking index assessment for electronic circuits
  • Tests on intrinsic safe battery pack
  • Dielectric strength test for "q" and "m" modes of protection
  • Electrostatic spraying guns for liquid and powder coatings (explosion and/or shunt tests)

ATEX standards we are accredited for

  • IEC / EN 60079-0: Equipment - General requirements
  • IEC / EN 60079-1: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures 'd‘
  • IEC / EN 60079-2: Equipment protection by pressurised enclosures 'p‘
  • IEC / EN 60079-5: Equipment protection by powder filling 'q‘
  • IEC / EN 60079-7: Equipment protection by increased safety 'e‘
  • IEC / EN 60079-11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety 'i‘
  • IEC / EN 60079-15: Equipment protection by type of protection 'n‘
  • IEC / EN 60079-18: Equipment protection by encapsulation “m”
  • IEC / EN 60079-26: Equipment with equipment protection level (EPL) Ga
  • IEC / EN 60079-28: Protection of equipment and transmission systems using optical radiation
  • IEC / EN 60079-30-1: Electrical resistance trace heating
  • IEC / EN 60079-31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure 't‘
  • ISO 80079-36: Non-electrical equipment - Basic method and requirements
  • ISO 80079-37: Non-electrical type of protection "c", "b", "k“
  • ISO 16852: Flame arresters
  • EN 1755: Fork lift trucks
  • EN 1834-1/2/3: Combustion engines
  • EN 50050-1/2/3: Electrostatic hand-held spraying equipment
  • EN ISO/IEC 80079-34: Explosive atmospheres Part 34; application of quality systems for equipment manufacture 

For more information, contact your nearest Eurofins ATEX competence center in Italy, Switzerland, Finland, China or the US.