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ATEX Testing & Certification

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ATEX Testing and Certification Services

European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

Electrical and non-electrical equipment for use in workplaces potentially at risk for explosive atmospheres must ensure a level of safety appropriate to the area of installation.

In Europe this is enforced through the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. In addition to CE Marking, equipment used in explosive atmospheres must also gain the Ex Mark which requires accredited testing, Notified Body certifications.

Products included in the scope of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU include:

  • Equipment and Protective Systems which may be used in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Safety devices, controlling devices and regulating devices intended for use outside potentially explosive atmospheres but which are required for or contribute to the safe functioning of equipment and protective systems, with respect to the risks of explosion
  • Components defined as any item essential to the safe functioning of equipment and protective systems but with no autonomous function

There are three steps to being able to gain ATEX certification from an ATEX Notified Body:

  1. Compliance with the applicable CE marking IEC/EN product standards 
  2. Compliance with the ATEX Ex general standards for products going into explosive atmospheres
  3. Compliance with one specific type of protection method described in the ATEX specific standards

How we can help

The design requirements for products used in an explosive atmosphere differ significantly from those employed in a non-explosive atmosphere. Furthermore, there are key design differences depending on which type of explosive atmosphere they may be used in. It is therefore imperative to understand the what the design implications are at the start of the product design process.

We can help you at each step of the ATEX compliance process to ensure that the correct assumptions and decisions have been made, test your products and provide you with the appropriate certifications.

Notified Bodies

Eurofins global network of E&E and Industrial laboratories has three Notified Bodies under the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU; No. 0477 in Italy, No.0537 in Finland and No. 1258 in Switzerland.

Our laboratories offer ATEX testing and certification services for the following types of products and protection modules:

  • Equipment protected by liquid immersion ”k”
  • Equipment protected by control of ignition sources ”b”
  • Flameproof enclosures “d”      
  • Tight dust enclosures “t”
  • Intrinsic safety equipment  “i”
  • Increased safety equipment “e”
  • Encapsulated equipment “m”
  • Liquid immersed equipment “o”
  • Pressurised enclosures “p”
  • Powder filling equipment “q”
  • Equipment with type of protection "n"
  • Flow restricted enclosures  “fr”
  • Equipment protected by constructional safety “c”

To find out more about product examples, tests and standards, understand the ATEX scenario.

We also offer global market access for equipment in explosive atmospheres through the IECEx scheme/system and Eurofins MET labs is an NRTL and SCC for Hazardous locations in North America and Canada.

ATEX certification paths

There are a number of certifications paths depending on the type of product and explosive environment(s) it will go into. Our ATEX Experts can guide you through the appropriate path.

Atex Certification Paths

ATEX markings explained


To find out more contact your local E&E or Industrial laboratory, or view our downloadable Hazardous Locations poster.