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The Automotive challenge

Modern cars contain noise-cancelling entertainment systems, wireless voice and digital communications, active suspension, antilock brakes, satellite navigation and multi-way sound systems. Due to the variety of technologies in use and the range of environments an automotive device could meet during its lifecycle, a wide range of potential interference problems is given. Standardization organisations have been developing EMC standards since the early 1990s to tackle this issue.

In Europe, the new revised automotive Directive forms part of the European legislation for automotive type approval and led to the e-marking for automotive equipment. Eurofins is accredited by the German "Federal Motor Transport Authority" and can perform tests according to the standards for emission and immunity for electronic components. Eurofins also performs tests for ROHS and a variety of consumer tests.

What we do for you - exemplary tests we perform:

EMC testing

EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

Electromagnetic Compatibility for Automotive Directive according to ECE-R10 (Rev. 5)

E-Mark Approval Service (E1 and E24)

74/61/EC version 95/56/EC Annex VI, EMC for vehicles "e" marking directive

97/24EC ver. 2003/77/EC Agricultural or Forestry Tractors and Tractor Components directive

CISPR 25 Measurement of radiated broadband and narrowband electro magnetic emissions from electrical / electronic sub-assemblies according to directive, annex VII

ISO 11452-1 Testing of immunity of electrical / electronic sub-assemblies

ISO 11452-2 Absorber-lined shielded enclosure, according to directive annex IX

ISO 11452-4 BCI Bulkcurrent injection

ISO 11452-5 Stripline

ISO 7637 Testing of the immunity to and emission of transient disturbances conducted along supply lines, according to directive annex X Impulse: 1, 2a,2b, 3a, 3b, 4, 5a, 5b

RoHS tests:

EN 62321 survey tests
EN 62321 verification tests

Cabin air and consumer tests:

Microchamber VOC test (ISO 12219-3, ASTM D7706).

Migration of hazardous chemicals into skin

Occupational safety and environment issues:

REACH consulting
Safety Data Sheets and GHS
Workplace safety
Environmental monitoring
Lead in paint
(CPSC accredited)

Tests according to technical specifications by car manufacturers

For further information please contact our national organisations or our specialists.


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