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Fresh fruit and vegetable testing by Eurofins

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Fruits and vegetables must undergo testing to address safety issues and to ensure optimal taste. Not only do consumers demand it, but maximum pesticide residue limits in food are also strictly regulated by government regulations in many countries. Consumer awareness and concern about pesticides has increased during recent years and has led to strict analysis and control of all foods, particularly of fruits and vegetables.

Produce should be controlled at a very early stage of the supply chain in order to provide consumers with products of the highest freshness. Ideally, the results of the analyses should be available prior to the arrival of containers at the destination.

Our testing services

We offer several testing options to suit customer requirements and availability:analytical services in accredited laboratoriesaccording to government regulations in the countries of origin orshipping samples to one of our competence centres using our cost-efficient and rapid sample logistics.

For example, Eurofins offers the complete spectrum of pesticide analysis from broad scope screening (over 500 compounds covered) to the quantification of agents such as glyphosate or dithiocarbamates, which remain undetected in routine analysis. Express analysis is available within 12, 24 or 48 hours.

How Eurofins can help

Eurofins offers sampling and inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables at: 

  • Fields and Orchards. Our inspectors determine the GPS coordinates and sample fruits or vegetables at representative spots on each field. Fields are cleared for harvest if the analytical results are acceptable.
  • Packaging Plants. We inspect and control the traceability of products back to farmers, who have committed to using only approved pesticides at allowed levels and timing of the growth cycle.
  • Containers. We sample and inspect containers at harbours in both the countries of origin and the destination country.


Please contact your local Eurofins laboratory for more information about fresh fruit and vegetable testing.