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Baby food testing that delivers peace of mind

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Babies and young children deserve the highest quality baby food available, and lawmakers recognise that special precautions must be taken to ensure their safety due to their low body weight and increased sensitivity. Analytical baby food testing by Eurofins will ensure that these stringent regulations will be met.

Toxic residues that may result from cultivation or production must be reduced considerably more in baby food products than for other food products. Government regulations and dietary regulations define specific nutritional requirements and limits for contaminants that are far below conventional ones.

Organically grown food will often be used for this consumer group, especially to restrict pesticide residues during production. Other contaminants such as heavy metals and mycotoxins, although influenceable through cultivation and storage conditions, are more difficult to regulate and are liable to high fluctuations. The Eurofins group is glad to support you with a monitoring plan tailored to your products and requirements.

Relevant products

Eurofins provides testing services for all of the following baby food products:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • fruit juice
  • meat and meat products
  • dairy products
  • nuts and dried fruits
  • tea
  • and many more

Specific analyses

Eurofins offers a variety of analyses, including testing for mycotoxins, migration testing (e.g. primary and secondary packaging), analysis of residues and contaminants, testing for pesticides, allergen testing (including gluten, peanut, groundnut and hazelnut of plant origin or of animal origin), GMO testing and the analysis of microorganisms such as hygiene-related bacteria and spoilage microorganisms.

We test for organisms and indicator germs that include indicator organisms, pathogenic bacteria and their toxins. We also offer microscopial analysis, inhibitor testing, sterility testing and hygiene checks.

In addition, Eurofins can test for ingredients such as nutrients; the "big four" (calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat); the "big eight" (calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, saturated fat, fibre and sodium); water, ash, vitamins, minerals and additives.

Why Eurofins?

We are the global leader in analytical testing and we will be your expert partner offering a complete range of analyses and consultancy. Our team of experts conducts ongoing research and development. We actively participate in decisive committees such as CEN, DIN and AOAC.

We have deep expertise in commodities, product development and analytical services and we offer thorough product assessment and analysis with guaranteed integrity. Our laboratories undergo ongoing performance checks by internal quality management and we continuously participate in ring trials and proficiency tests, as well as customer audits.


Please contact your local Eurofins laboratory for more information about baby food testing.