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The SNIF-NMR® Concept

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What is SNIF-NMR® ?

Stable isotope analyses are among the most powerful techniques to ensure food and beverage authenticity. Based on the principle that the bioelements, C, H, O, N, of organic matter exist in their naturally occurring isotopic form - 13C/12C, 2H/1H, 18O/16O, 15N/14N - the distribution of which is influenced by physical, chemical and biochemical factors, these methods offer a means of verifying botanical, synthetic and even geographical origin of a product.

The SNIF-NMR® method, pioneered by Professor G.J. Martin of the University of Nantes and further developed by Eurofins, makes up part of this stable isotope tool box. Using 2H NMR spectroscopy, this technique is able to measure non-statistical distribution of deuterium in different sites of a given molecule.

Eurofins competences

Eurofins has developed a push-button system to help laboratories to carry out SNIF-NMR® analyses, covering every step from sample preparation to the interpretation of results. The SNIF-NMR® Concept has been designed so that even non-specialists of NMR spectroscopy can perform in-house analyses.

Combining experience in their respective fields, Eurofins and instrument manufacturer Bruker Biospin, offer a total system for carrying out SNIF-NMR® analyses.

The SNIF-NMR® Concept was developed using the know-how built up over more than 20 years of involvement in 2H NMR spectroscopy of the chemical components of beverages and flavours. In addition to practical experience, Eurofins have built up a database of over 20 000 isotopic data for wine, fruit juice, natural flavours and other products. These are available as reference grids for the interpretation of SNIF-NMR® results.


Each module of the SNIF-NMR® Concept meets the requirements of EN ISO 17025. The systems enables full traceability of the SNIF-NMR® analyses, from the sample to the interpretation of results. It includes integrated control charts to ensure high quality measurements.

Eurofins provides hands-on training in their laboratories for staff using the SNIF-NMR® Concept. Our SNIF-NMR® team will carry out the installation of the system in your own laboratories with on-site coaching and will accompany you at every step during the first year of use of the SNIF-NMR® Concept, ensuring measurement calibration and troubleshooting.  

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