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Food analysis using Isotopic Techniques – Proficiency Testing Scheme

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Proficiency Testing provides an objective means of assessing and documenting the reliability of the data produced by a laboratory, demonstrating competence to the customers and to the accreditation bodies.

A specific scheme dedicated to the isotopic analysis of food was implemented by Eurofins Scientific in 1994, and has continued within the framework of a European research program (1996-1998) called "Food analysis using Isotopic Techniques" (FIT). Since 1999, this Proficiency Testing Scheme (now called FIT-PTS) was expanded to all laboratories around the world performing stable isotope measurements on food.

This scheme is recognised by accreditation bodies as a valid proficiency testing scheme and includes more than 70 laboratories worldwide.

Organisation and data evaluation

The FIT-PTS complies with the ISO / IUPAC / AOAC International Harmonised Protocol for Proficiency Testing of analytical laboratories.

The scheme is organised as follows:

The data are evaluated by a scientific committee of experts in the field of food analysis proficiency testing:

  • Dr Eric Jamin (Eurofins Analytics France)
  • Dr Carsten Fauhl-Hassek (BfR, Germany)

For further information and details for participation in the proficiency testing schemes, please contact: .