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Special Carbohydrate Research

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Our scientists and laboratory technicians are key experts in the field of carbohydrates. This explains why we are the Carbohydrate Competence Centre within Eurofins Scientific. Furthermore, our know-how is strengthened by close co-operations with certification bodies, leading food industries and technical innovation associations.In addition to food testing, our expertise and knowledge allows us to conduct special carbohydrate research in cooperation with our customers. 

This means we can offer you dedicated and advanced research assistance, which will benefit your food or ingredient product development. Any issues or questions you encounter can be a reason to contact us. Besides our highly efficient carbohydrate testing expertise, and research and development support, we can validate and set up new tests on your request. 

Research Examples 

Our special research support has delivered value to various customers, and has covered a wide range of specialised fields. For example, our dietary fibre expertise allows advanced prebiotic research support. Moreover, we are experts in various hydrocolloids, and can perform detailed structural analyses as well as viscosity testing. The support we can offer covers five main fields, which are exemplified below. 

Extraction Methods and Characterisation 
 We have assisted in the development of extraction methods and the characterizations of various soluble fibres (e.g. xanthan-, guar-, arabic gum) in complex foods. Among others, we have examined monosaccharide compositions, viscosity behaviour, and molar mass distribution. Moreover, we have conducted various structural analyses (e.g. binding types) with MS and NMR technologies. 

Dedicated Method Development 
Method Development exemplifies our experience in conducting quantitative studies for new complex carbohydrates (e.g. novel prebiotics), to be used in both food and feed products. Therefore we are your preferred partner to assist you in your novel food, feed or ingredient development programs. 

Patent Support 
Patenting is a useful strategy to protect your innovations. In many cases, the patenting application process for novel food or ingredients needs to be supported by analytical studies and determinations. Eurofins Carbohydrates Testing can support you with the needed analytical research in studies for patents or similar. 

Consultancy and R&D Support 
Our expertise enables us to consult and support you in various specialised carbohydrate topics, both in testing as well as research. Our support relies on our knowledge and in-house testing methods which are continuously optimised. For example, our scientists have optimised the AOAC 2009.01 method dietary fibres testing. . 

Study Examples

  • Hydrocolloid Research – development of methods for extraction of hydrocolloids from complex food systems for detailed structural analysis
  • Method development and validation for specific hydrocolloids and oligosaccharides, including Sialic Acid (NeuAc and NeuGc), Yeast beta glucan and Carrageenan.
  • Identification of FOS, kestose and nystose.
  • Research on the influence of storage on the average degree of polymerisation of inulin in Jerusalem artichoke.
  • Determination of the average chain length, or the degree of polymerisation of GOS.