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Residual DNA Testing that you can trust

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Residual DNA or host cell DNA can inadvertently be left on products during manufacturing. It is critical that manufacturers ensure that no contamination has occurred for the safety of their customers.

Eurofins has more than 10 years of experience in residual host cell DNA testing, offering services from assay development to routine testing in a GMP-compliant environment, if required. We ensure the safety of products by offering testing services of outstanding technical quality and regulatory rigor.

As the global leader in GMO testing, Eurofins has profound knowledge of trace amount DNA extraction from a wide variety of matrices and has set standards in the development of PCR assays and routine testing in the GMO field.

Residual host cell DNA which is purified from various host cell systems can be present in all products of the food, feed, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. Residual host cell DNA testing of these products is relevant in the context of scientific risk assessment and approval. Eurofins is your partner of choice for the detection and quantification of residual host cell DNA in your product for quality assurance or DNA clearance studies in the production process.

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Why Eurofins?

Eurofins is the industry leader in residual DNA testing. Our facilities are equipped with separated DNA extraction and pre- and post-PCR areas, following a strict one-way workflow and specified equipment for each level to guarantee the most reliable results to our customers.


Please contact our experts in your country for more information about residual DNA testing.