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Fish Species Determination and Fish Safety Testing

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With the increased attention of consumers towards food and health, the popularity of fish, seafood and other products of marine origin such as algae is growing steadily. While the production of fish and seafood from wild catches has remained rather constant, the increasing fish demand is mainly covered by growth in aquaculture resulting in the fact that aquaculture is the fastest growing animal food-producing sector (FAO 2013). Limited availability of certain fish species may lead to substitution with other potentially less valuable fish species as published recently by Oceana.

Eurofins comprehensive portfolio of analytical tests does not only cover innovative DNA-based fish species determination but also all parameters to ensure the overall quality and safety of fish and aquacultural products.

Our testing portfolio for fish and aquaculture at a glance:

Through our network we are able to provide the largest testing capacity (over a thousand samples per day) and shortest turn-around-time (same-day rush service possible) of any independent food testing service provider.

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