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Eurofins TAG™ - DNA Based Meat Traceability

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Eurofins TAG™ (Genotyping And Traceability System) is a traceability system that allows the tracing of meat back to an individual animal, an infallible DNA tracking system to identify animals "from farm to fork". This system, originally developed during the BSE crisis of the late 1990's is a powerful tool for monitoring the origin of the animal and therefore provides consumers with a full guarantee of the quality of their meat.

The Eurofins TAG™ genetic traceability system meets the requirements of all involved in the meat industry: farmers, abattoirs, processors, distributors and, of course, consumers.

The simple principles behind Eurofins TAG™

Control samples are taken from animals upstream of the slaughter house, this information is stored in a computer database, and compared with reference samples taken post-slaughter.

Eurofins TAG™ has proven its effectiveness in a large trial involving over 14,000 animals.

This simple and low-cost method is a unique way of offering reliable traceability of meat products.

For further information please contact:

Dr. Stéphanie Guillet  +33 (0) 2 51 83 21 00


Press Releases about the development of Eurofins TAG™

Eurofins Press Release dated 22 November 2000
Eurofins Press Release dated 10 December 2001
Eurofins Press Release dated 22 June 2005