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Overall migration testing acc. to EN 1186 on food packaging made from plastic

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Eurofins Product Testing offers overall migration testing according to international harmonized method for all kind of food packaging materials

Overall migration from food packaging materials is one of the fundamental requirements according to Article 3 of Framework Regulation EC (No) 1935/2004 . Overall migration covers all kind of substances which are transferred from food packaging to food irrespective of the nature and the toxicological profile of the substance. Overall migration from plastic food packaging materials is limited to 60 mg/kg according to Plastic Regulation EC (no) 10/2011.

Eurofins Product Testing offers the testing of overall migration:

  • According to the international accepted method EN 1186
  • Accredited according to ISO 17025 accreditation
  • For all kind of food packaging materials
  • Using all kind of food simulants as water, acetic acid, ethanol, iso-Octane, olive oil and Tenax®
  • Using all required exposure scenarios as immersion, filling, cell and pouch