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Industrial Inspections

Your industry, our focus

Inspections for Industrial Compliance

On-site Inspections for Industrial Installations

A range of Industrial Inspections are available to meet the regulatory requirements in your global region from our network of Electrical and Electronics (E&E) and Industrial laboratories.

Industrial inspections and in-service inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical systems inspections; including those for earthing, lightning protection, grounding and protection devices against atmospheric discharges
  • Electrical installations inspections installed in hazardous environments with potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Lifts and lift in-service inspections as required by the owner of a lift in both domestic and industrial environment
    • We also operate a European Notified Body for the Lifts and safety components for lifts Directive No. 0477 in Italy
  • Elevators and disabled ramps; set up and the maintenance of the elevators and of the disables ledges establishing that they have to be periodically inspected by Notified Bodies according to Machinery Directive.
  • Transportable pressure equipment
  • Machinery
  • Pressure equipment
  • Factory inspections
  • On-site Field testing & evaluation for US approvals


For more information on how we can can help you with your industrial inspection needs, contact your local Eurofins E&E laboratory.