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Automotive cabin air testing

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VOC, formaldehyde, fogging and odor testing for the automotive industry follows testing methods that are specific per manufacturer.

The same applies to manufacturers of railway coaches and of airplanes.

International standards such as

  • the ISO 12219 standard series
  • and the German VDA standards

are the basis of these tests, but there are many company-specific modifications.

And each manufacturer has its own approval system for testing laboratories.

Emission testing for the automotive industry

VOC and formaldehyde tests can forego

  • in ventilated test chambers at elevated temperature, or
  • in sealed bags, containing the tested product, or
  • in Microchamber, or
  • in small glass vials.

Fogging tests are performed by condensing SVOCs on a cooled glass plate inside a heated test chamber.

Odor tests can be performed with or without calibration of the odour panel against known odour sources.

Both simple and sophisticated rating scales are in use.

Eurofins Services

The Eurofins network of laboratories, together with external partners, can offer VOC testing, formaldehyde testing, and odor testing for many of these specifications. When requesting a quote, it is essential to specify which of the many specific testing methods shall be followed.

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