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In-vitro studies

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In vitro studies

Key Step in Cosmetic Products Development

As a manufacturer of personal care and cosmetic products you are responsible to identify any potentially hazardous ingredient to ensure consumer protection. The term in vitro (Latin for “in glass”) is used to denote studies of biological process under artificial conditions, outside the living organism. These tests are indeed able to assess the impact of cosmetic materials and finished product using cells and reconstructed tissues.
Therefore, the toxicological potential of cosmetic raw material and finished products such as irritation, skin-sensitization or endocrine disrupting effects can be evaluated using these non-animal models. They may also help in discriminating the effects of each cosmetic component.

Skin cells in in vitro cultures are used to also assess impact of stress factors (e.g. UV or free radicals) on cells structure. In vitro tests include studies of cosmetics materials’ cytotoxicity, evaluation of the level of synthesis and cell activity of enzymatic proteins, effects of growth agents and various types of compounds ultimately influencing the skin aging processes.

Eurofins is a leader in safety testing without the use of animals and is deeply committed to the principles of the 3 R´s of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. With a set of alternative in vitro test methods we are able to provide the full service to assess necessary toxicological data under GLP-compliance or not. Eurofins also develops new assays and participate in their validation working together with the relevant authorities to always offer a state of the art portfolio of services in this field.

Some of the in vitro studies offered include:


  • Cytotoxicity
  • Skin & Ocular Irritation and Tolerance
  • Skin Sensitisation
  • Phototoxicity
  • Genotoxicity
  • Lipid metabolism / Lipolysis
  • Aging & Oxidative Stress, Loss of tension & elasticity
  • ...


  • In vitro suncare studies
  • HEV in vitro testing
  • Fabric UPF test
  • In vitro anti-pollution
  • ...
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