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Eurofins Product Testing - Solar collectors and thermal systems

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Conformity tests for certification in accordance with
EN 12975 - EN 12976

Specific type-tests must be performed by an accredited laboratory prior to market entry of the product. Following is a list of the most significant tests prescribed by each standard.

EN 12975:

  • Internal pressure tests
  • High-temperature resistance test
  • Freeze resistance test
  • External and Internal thermal shock test
  • Rain penetration test
  • Mechanical load test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Thermal performance testing

EN 12976:

  • Freeze resistance
  • Overheating protection
  • Pressure resistance
  • Water contamination
  • Lightning protection
  • Safety equipment
  • Thermal performance characterization
  • Ability of solar-plus-supplementary system capacity: extra-load
  • Reverse flow protection
  • Safety of electrical components

Eurofins is able to provide six parallel and independent test lines for the installation of the various components under evaluation. The test lines and relative instruments employ state of the art technology and allow maximum flexibility in handling even the most complex projects.

The data acquisition system, which represents the core of the entire test set-up, allows interaction with the various sensors and actuators distributed along the chain of measure. Our management software and control algorithms, which have been developed internally, embody the brain of the system and allow near-complete automation of the tests.  This solution has the advantage of preserving the utmost efficiency and calibration of our test lines, also with reduced workloads.

Lead time for the complete test program prescribed by the standards of reference is approximately 45 days.

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