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Celebrating the Eurofins entrepreneurial model

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Eurofins is, by choice, not a typical centralised laboratory group. Instead, we are, by design, a hub of entrepreneurship. Each of our laboratories is usually an independent company led by an entrepreneur. Why? Because we believe in excellence for every customer and understand this is only possible when our laboratory leaders are empowered to make their own decisions in their own company and optimise their own services.

Each of our laboratories operates as a dynamic, market driven business in its own right, managed by its own independent entrepreneurial leader, constantly striving for improvement. Our people are empowered, not micro-managed. They’re not afraid to take risks or do things differently. Because world-class results don’t happen by accident. They require focus, a concentration of brilliant minds and best-in-class resources, highly motivated to push the boundaries and deliver the very best outcomes.

Excellence is never typical and this is why we offer our testing services through a global network of centres of excellence. This means every customer, wherever they are in the world, can tap into the Eurofins network to access unrivalled expertise and the very latest testing technologies while having a local direct point of contact they know.

Our laboratories always look for the best outcome for every customer, referring work to the most appropriate centre of excellence and welcoming referrals from others in return. At Eurofins, we understand that we all win when the customer wins.

This atypical approach requires atypical people. It is never business as usual. Our people must be entrepreneurs with a passion for collaboration. They must combine scientific excellence with commercial awareness and be as comfortable at the lab bench as they are building the business. We look for leaders who thrive on the freedom to make their own decisions but understand the importance of teamwork. We’re entrepreneurs, who understand we’re stronger together.

A decentralised approach only works when a business has complete confidence in the judgement and competence of its leaders. Our Leadership Charter makes clear the high standards we set, be it the ability to hire the best talent or executing strategies that deliver results and delight customers. You can read more about our Leadership Charter here.

School for entrepreneurs: building success from scratch

There are times when we start from scratch to build the right laboratory to meet market demand. This generates exciting opportunities for those with the skills and ambition to create a state-of-the-art greenfield laboratory to complement our existing network. We provide the start-up capital, a bespoke IT system and a suite of tools, processes and laboratory blueprints - not to mention access to the talents and know-how of our proven entrepreneurs around the world. It’s a chance to test yourself against the best in the world, with the support and back-up of those who have done it before. We’re proud of what our start-ups have achieved and will build more to meet ever-evolving customer requirements. Between 2014 and 2017 we have launched 100 laboratories in just five years. Our ability to nurture entrepreneurs and support their success really sets us apart, creating unparalleled opportunities for our people and outstanding returns for our shareholders.

Being where our customers need us

Eurofins is a business with a clear mission and driving purpose. We want to make the world a better and safer place by ensuring best-in-class laboratory testing is accessible to all who need it.

We think it’s important to be where our customers need us, which is why you’ll find us at over 800 sites in 47 countries spanning six continents. And we’re still growing, adding new capacity to keep pace with our customers.

Eurofins has established specialist centres of excellence for most analytical areas, with world-class skills, tools and processes, which all of our laboratories can tap into. This means our customers, wherever they are in the world, can access best-in-class expertise and technology by linking into the Eurofins network. And because this global network is underpinned by a cutting-edge IT system and logistical capability, we can provide a seamless service for every customer.