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Leadership Charter

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Leadership charter

(what we expect from our leaders)

For a full version of our Leadership charter, please click here.

Group Leadership Philosophy

(How the Group Operating Council leads/organises Eurofins)

Eurofins wants to be a decentralised non-bureaucratic fast moving group of entrepreneur led businesses. Group Operating Council members/Division leaders behave as shareholders towards the Presidents of Eurofins businesses and:

1. Set the framework in which leaders of Group companies can succeed:

a) Put businesses together that address one homogenous market (local or global depending on clients‘ decision making level) and that are large enough to be efficient under one leader; an empowered and accountable President/Managing Director who sets the strategy for his/her business along an ambitious vision

b) Get out of the way

c) Provide support as required

2. Select, develop & retain the best leaders

a) Encourage a value creation-based meritocracy

b) Reward progress in Economic Profit (EP) growth by sharing value creation with outstanding leaders 

3. Allocate capital according to EP/ROCE growth

4. Rules of the game include full transparency & common financial systems/policies