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Next Generation Sequencing

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High throughput sequencing powered by innovation & expertise

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As one of the first service providers for next generation sequencing, Eurofins Genomics continues to shape the future of NGS projects today with excellent know-how and proprietary protocols to cover a broad range of applications.

Our unique skills in sample preparation, library generation and data analysis support your individual needs and allow you to utilise state-of-the-art NGS technology.

Eurofins Genomics became the first service provider in Europe to offer NGS services using the Roche/454 GS20. Since then, Eurofins has extended this portfolio by using various leading NGS sequencing technologies.

  • Illumina HiSeq 2500 / MiSeq for ultra-deep sequencing with huge data output
  • PacBio RSII for de novo sequencing with extra-long read lengths
  • Roche GS FLX++ and GS Junior for excellent amplicon data and Sanger-like reads
  • Life Technologies' Ion Proton for small projects and short turnaround times especially in exome sequencing

Our NGS portfolio enables us to tailor to your specific project needs:

  • Genome sequencingEUUSJPIN
  • Transcriptome sequencingEUUSJPIN
  • Resequencing & ampliconsEUUSJPIN
  • Libraries & bioinformaticsEUUSJPIN

Take advantage of extremely fast turn-around-times and more than 5 years experience in NGS.
Interested in more? You will find detailed information on our NGS pages on Eurofins Genomics – EUUSJPIN