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DNA & RNA Oligonucleotides

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Benefit from 20 years of experience in genomics

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Eurofins Genomics' expertise in the synthesis of oligonucleotides has made the company a European market leader and a strong global player with fully automated production facilities around the world.

We apply proprietary processes to offer Optimised Application Oligos and synthetic nucleic acids in the highest quality and standards.

  • Optimised Application OligosEUUSJPIN
    Trust the validated performance of our optimised primers and probes for the most common applications.
  • Customised DNA oligosEUUSJPIN
    Define the settings of your oligonucleotide by your own. Select between different synthesis scales, purification levels and modifications.
  • Customised RNA oligosEUUSJPIN
    Single stranded RNA such and 2'O-Methyl-RNA for your shRNA, aptamers or chimerics as well as double-stranded siRNA.
  • Oligo design & moreEUUSJPIN
    In addition to offering small scale oligonucleotides synthesis, we offer large scale oligos and tools that facilitate the design and usage of your oligo.

We also offer double strand DNA in any length and highest quality with our gene synthesis service – EUUSJPIN

Please read more on our Eurofins Genomics website – EUUSJPIN