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Genotyping & Gene Expression

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From single service modules to fully integrated projects - choose from a wide range of genotyping and gene expression services

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Our long-term expertise in DNA genotyping and gene expression analyses as well as our certified high-quality laboratories have ensured we have become an international leader in the fields of Applied Genetics, DNA Forensics and Pharmacogenetics producing hundreds of thousands processed DNA samples a year.

Due to our outstanding and broad portfolio for the different markets we are the support centre for DNA and RNA testing within the global Eurofins group:

  • Genotyping servicesEUUSJPIN
    Benefit from our unique technological portfolio, our experience in applied genetic testing and our global laboratory network! Discover our large selection of state-of-the-art service platforms. Combine our services according to your needs and applications in the fields of:

    • SNP genotyping – EUUSJPIN
    • Microsatellites / STR / FLA / IDAA – EUUSJPIN
    • sequencing based genotyping – EUUSJPIN
    • genome wide association studies (GWAS) – EUUSJPIN
    • human identification – EUUSJPIN
    • copy number variation – EUUSJPIN
  • Gene expression servicesEUUSJPIN
    The entire range of gene expression services is available to you - from single target to whole transcriptome analysis. Our choice of quantitative PCR, next generation sequencing as well as microarray methods will be targeted for your research or industrial project.
  • Additional servicesEUUSJPIN
    Select from assay design & validation, DNA & RNA extraction and quantification, PCR analysis, biosample processing, epigenetic analysis and finally, as the final espresso, bioinformatic analysis.
  • Service platformsEUUSJPIN
    Discover our selection of available state-of-the-art service platforms and combine the different technologies according to your needs and applications.

You may go for a full service from platform selection and assay design to DNA extraction, genotyping or gene expression measurements and data analysis. Or you assign selected services to us and we act as your trusted outsourcing partner.