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Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology

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High quality combined with guaranteed turnaround times

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We provide gene synthesis services for standard genes, complex genes or gene libraries in a highly sophisticated and streamlined process by utilising our in-house oligonucleotide production and sequencing services. These are also used to ensure the highest quality control.

With the help of our proprietary software GENEius, Eurofins Genomics is fully geared to convert any DNA or amino acid sequence into its optimised synthetic gene which is perfectly designed for all types of applications.

Gene synthesis

  • Standard genes
    12-Day guarantee - standard genes are available in all lengths and will be shipped starting from 8-days
  • Complex genes
    The unwanted - we have the expertise to transform your gene synthesis a success - independent of the gene properties
  • Express gene
    You order. We run. - we ship your order only 4 days after you place it.
  • Gene evolution libraries
    Progress or Stagnation - study mutations and discover new improvements of your gene
  • GENEius service
    DNA Tuning - polish your gene for optimal gene expression and much more

Molecular biology

  • Plasmid preparation
    From 1 µg up to 20 mg plasmid DNA - free up your time by outsourcing your plasmid preps
  • Site directed mutagenesis
    Reveal the secrets - use SDM to find important gene variants, optimise the efficiency of promotors and much much more
  • DNA cloning
    We clone anything, like PCR products, full length cDNA, and genomic DNA

Additionally to our our sequencing and oligo synthesis services, you may choose between various biology services.
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