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About us

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Genomics - fascinated by the power of the four bases

At Eurofins Genomics we are fascinated about the power of DNA and how it is incorporated in everything we do, work and live. Being passionate about strong customer orientation, service and quality standards, we continuously challenge ourselves to stay ahead.

From DNA and RNA production to analysis: Our portfolio is of unique range and largely integrated. This and the expertise of 600 highly motivated staff with more than 100 PhDs around genomics makes us a leader among genomics services providers.

We strive to understand your challenges and offer real support. Our application experts together with the Eurofins network in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceutical, environmental, food and feed testing as well as forensics guarantee our ability to provide you with the best applied solution.

Eurofins Genomics, as a member of the Eurofins Group, possesses facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia and is one of the global market leaders. We support industrial, academic and governmental clients with their research and applications.