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Good Reasons to Partnership with Eurofins

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Friday, August 10, 2018


With over 38,000 staff in more than 400 laboratories across 44 countries and more than 30 laboratories in personal care, our laboratories provide a unique range of analytical testing services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, consumer products industries and governments.

Ensuring the Product Marketability with highly qualified clinical testing experts, more than 130 employees specialized in Clinical Testing services and more than 2500 studies / year in Europe, Eurofins has the goal to be No. 1 in personal care by end 2018.

- Interdisciplinary network enabling bespoke clinical / non-clinical testing development:

  • Analytical / microbiology / sensory analysis / consumer sciences / in vitro / genomics / toxicology…
  • Cosmetics specialized labs AND pharmaceuticals specialized labs
  • Textiles / home care / DIY / toys

- High volume capabilities / flexibility: High-tech Equipment and tailor-made Protocols to meet your needs.

- Centre of Excellence and goals for cross-selling. Each request is allocated to the lab that is the best fit to the customer, sales are equally rewarded for selling another labs services than their own.

- Harmonized processes across all clinical labs: 3 tiers (technical experts / sales / management).

- Highly experienced teams of experts, involved in Standardization Committees for Cosmetics.

- Quality focused Management (GLP, ISO 17025, ISO 9001, GMP, etc.).

- Our Clients:

  • Retailers
  • Raw Material Manufacturers
  • Producers of Cosmetics
  • Private Label Manufacturers
  • Dermo-Pharmaceutical Companies
  • … and more

- High level of customer and staff retention. We meet our customers needs in a sustainable way.