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The Importance of Microbiological Quality Assessment

Microbiological quality is critical in cosmetics product safety assessment. European Cosmetics Regulation (EC 1223/2009) requires to provide evidences of microbiological quality of cosmetic formula, raw materials, bulk and finished products.

Specific tests, performed in accredited laboratories for cosmetic matrix and in compliance with validated norms and guidelines, are fundamental tools for safety assessors to assess the microbiological risk in cosmetic product manufacturing. The determination of Microbiological quality evaluation typically includes the analysis of the contamination on the product (in most cases through routine testing) taking into account quantitative and qualitative specifications as the absence of specified microorganisms) and their robustness against microbiological contamination, evaluated assessing the product preservative system (challenge testing).

Some of the microbiology analyses offered include (according to either ISO, EP, USP, JP or local/clients norms):

  • Challenge Test (mandatory in Cosmetic Product Safety Report according to Regulation (EC 1223/2009)
  • Water Activity (analytical test more adapted in some cases than Challenge Test)
  • Total Counts (TYMC and TAMC)
  • Specified microorganisms
  • Customized Micro Testing (Process Specific Microorganisms, ….)
  • ...
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