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Clinical studies

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It is possible to assess the effect of cosmetic products in the human body by considering and examining the relevant toxicological endpoints of their ingredients, and the likely local and systemic consumer exposure to the product.

A clinical study involves human volunteers that test the product either under normal conditions of use (“in use” tests) or under relevant experimental conditions of use (single use, maximized use).

Volunteers should be a representative panel of the target population. The choice of the “right” study population is critical to the result.

Assessments may include objective medical exams, beauty experts’ and/or instrumental measurements and also consumer preferences through self-assessment questionnaires.

The outcome should take into account the efficacy claims to be substantiated or the safety issue to be addressed by the study.

  • Patch Test: Single Closed Application (S) PT
  • Patch Test: Repeated Closed Application (R) PT
  • Frosch-Kligman Soap Chamber Test
  • Sensitisation Test
  • Phototoxicity Test
  • Photosensitisation Test
  • Open Test: Single or Repeated Open Application
  • Open Test on the Elbow Fold
  • In Use Test Under Clinical Control
  • Non-Comedogenenicity / Non-Acnegenecity
  • Skincare
  • Hygiene Products
  • Hair Care
  • Sun Care
  • Oral Care
  • Make-up
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